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Drifting sands and liquid amber

I had the pleasure to launch a new sound installation as part of the EcoAcoustics Congress 2018. It's the first installment of a larger collaboration called "Hidden Sounds | Sounds in Motion." Details and link below...

Drifting sands and liquid amber

a sound installation by Erik Griswold

Bass drum, 2 gongs, sand, water, sine waves, transducers and loudspeaker.

Video by Greg Harm. Lighting design by Cameron Hipwell & Sam Jarousek.

Recorded during the EcoAcoustics Congress 2018.

About the work

Drifting sands and liquid amber makes visible the kinetic energy of sound, using percussion, sand, water, transducers, and powered speaker. Sine waves are used to vibrate bass drum and gongs, activating sand and water on the surface of the instruments. As the sine tones fade in and out, visual patterns form, reflecting the energy of the sound.

About the project

This is one sound work from the larger collaborative project called Hidden Sounds | Sounds in Motion. Hidden Sounds is an emerging series of sound sculptures by Clocked Out ( that reveal unheard sounds in the environment, and investigate the kinetic energy of sound. The work is conceived as a series of installations which are placed in site-specific indoor and outdoor locations using a combination of acoustic, electronic, mechanical, digital, and handmade technologies that can respond to both architectural and natural environments. The Clocked Out Hidden Sounds team are: Erik Griswold, Vanessa Tomlinson, John Ferguson, Leah Barclay, Sulja Nezovic, and Erkki Veltheim. Hidden Sounds received generous support from the Australia Council for the Arts.

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