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Ecstatic Descent on Cold Blue

Very pleased to announce my new album, "Ecstatic Descent," will be released January 20th on the Cold Blue Label. In Ecstatic Descent every note of the piano is altered (“prepared”) with bolts, screws, strips of rubber, cardboard, and paper—transforming the instrument into a miniature percussion orchestra. By carefully positioning these materials along its strings the entire piano is, in effect, tuned to A minor. On this singular instrument I perform cascades of rapid-fire textures that start at the very top of the keyboard and wend their way down, bubbling and glinting as they descend.

The 45-minute work has so rich a cornucopia of sound colors that it never ceases to fascinate. There is not a minute too much. All lays out fittingly, with a fresh ambiance that neither relaxes nor wearies the close listener. Kudos! This is a blast. - Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review

Since the early 80s Jim Fox's Cold Blue has been producing fantastic albums by composers like Peter Garland, Harold Budd, and John Luther Adams.

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