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Water Pushes Sand

I'm very proud to announce the release of Water Pushes Sand on Jazzhead Records. This is a large-scale collaboration with the Australian Art Orchestra and master musicians of Sichuan Province, that represents 17 years of intercultural exploration. It's a suite of my original compositions and creative arrangements of traditional Chinese music, scored for a ten-piece Chinese-Australian big band, featuring voice, bamboo flute, Chinese trumpet and violin, saxophone, trumpet, gu zheng, piano, bass, and lots of percussion.

You can download it from your favourite digital platforms using this link -

And you can hear it live in select venues this month:

• 17 August @ Darwin Festival

• 22 August @ Jazzlab, Melbourne

• 23 August @ Ainslie + Gorman Arts Centre, Canberra

• 24 August @ DueWest Festival, Melbourne

• 26 August @ MONA, Hobart

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