Quartet for the end of time

29 January, 7:00 pm @ Boom Vacuum #24, The Junk Bar

OpusNovus performs "Action Music"
3 Feb, 12:15 pm @ Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, Singapore

Salon Series: Intercultural Artistic Collaborations

Dragon Ladies Don't Weep artist talk

with Margaret Leng Tan, Tamara Saulwick & Heng Leun Kok

In partnership with Asia Society
15 February, 2 pm @ The Ian Potter Centre, Melbourne


Ramón Gardella performs Switch

22 February, 5 pm @ Salotto in Prova, Milan


Dragon Ladies Don't Weep - World Premiere

A sonic portrait of Margaret Leng Tan

Created in collaboration with

director Tamara Saulwick & dramaturg Heng Leun Kok

Produced by Chamber Made and CultureLink Singapore

28 February, 7:30 pm @ Asia Topa, Arts Centre Melbourne

Clocked Out with Hilary Kleinig

New compositions and collaborations

6 March, 6:00 pm @ Queensland Conservatorium

7 March, 3:00 pm @ Lagavulin, Harrigans Lane

* Cancelled * Dragon Ladies Don't Weep

A sonic portrait of Margaret Leng Tan

18-20 March, 8 pm @ Sydney Opera House

* Cancelled * Dragon Ladies Don't Weep

A sonic portrait of Margaret Leng Tan

25-29 March, 8 pm @ Esplanade Theatre Studio, Singapore

* Cancelled * Easter at The Piano Mill
Featuring a complete performance of "All's grist that comes to the mill"

12 April, 2-5:30 pm @ Harrigans Lane

Aya Suzuki performs "Spill"

as part of the event  Klakenbos Nocturne for kids

25 April, 5:00 pm @ Klakenbos Sound Forest, Belgium

* Cancelled * Lisa Moore performs “Danny boy adrift in the rising tide”

10 May, 2:30 pm @ Canberra International Music Festival,

National Gallery of Australia


Johannes Fischer performs "Switch"

on his program wood | metal | glass | skin | water | clay

27 May @ Herrenhausen Gallery, Hannover, Germany

84 Pianos - Global Pandemic Edition

Streaming live on Youtube and the Locus Sonus Sound map

Access the livestream at

12 June, 6:00 pm (AEST)

The Boundary Riders Commissions

New works by Clocked Out associates - 

Brodie McAllister, Caleb Colledge, Hannah Reardon-Smith, Jodie Rottle,

Kristin Berardi, and Sam Pankhurst

Posted on the Clocked Out YouTube channel

every Tuesday June 16 - July 21


Clocked Out with Peter Knight

New compositions and collaborations

31 July, 6:00 pm @ Queensland Conservatorium

1 August, 3:00 pm @ Lagavulin, Harrigans Lane

Johannes Fischer performs "Switch"

on his program wood | metal | glass | skin | water | clay

12 September @ Historical Glassworks Schmidsfelden

Clocked Out with Evaristo Aguilar

New compositions and collaborations

9 October, 6:00 pm @ Queensland Conservatorium

10 October, 3:00 pm @ Lagavulin, Harrigans Lane

Emerging Composers Forum

Mentoring and performing new compositions of young composers.

17-20 October @ Aldinga Scrub Conservation Park

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