Time Crystals and toy music

Clocked Out performs excerpts from Time Crystals alongside their toy classics "Rainbows in the dark" and "Felaminikuti"

20 February 2021, 2:25 pm 

Stanthorpe Artist Festival, Weeroona Park, Stanthorpe

Cathy Milliken, Erik Griswold, Vanessa Tomlinson

Performing excerpts from Opera of Objects

2 March, 6:00 pm

The Cave Inn, Woolloongabba

Quartet for the end of time

on "Rusted Satellites presents Other Frequencies"

20 March, 7:00 pm

Backbone, East Brisbane

Margaret Leng Tan performs Dragon Ladies Don't Weep

A co-production of Chamber Made and CultureLink Singapore

commissioned by AsiaTOPA Festival and Esplanade

1-4 April

The Esplanade, Singapore

Easter at the Piano Mill 2021

A sonic treasure hunt for music, art, and architecture

in the forest of New South Wales. 

4 April, 3:00 pm – 6:30 pm

The Piano Mill, the Granite Belt Region



Dragon Ladies Don't Weep - World Premiere

A sonic portrait of Margaret Leng Tan

Created in collaboration with director Tamara Saulwick & dramaturg Heng Leun Kok. Produced by Chamber Made and CultureLink Singapore

28 February, 7:30 pm @ Asia Topa, Arts Centre Melbourne

* watch the "Making of Dragon Ladies Don't Weep"

Clocked Out with Hilary Kleinig

New compositions and collaborations

6 March, 6:00 pm @ Queensland Conservatorium

7 March, 3:00 pm @ Lagavulin, Harrigans Lane

84 Pianos - Global Pandemic Edition

Streaming live on Youtube and the Locus Sonus Sound map

Access the livestream at

12 June, 6:00 pm (AEST)

The Boundary Riders Commissions

Six new works by Clocked Out associates Brodie McAllister, Caleb Colledge, Hannah Reardon-Smith, Jodie Rottle, Kristin Berardi, and Sam Pankhurst.

Posted on the Clocked Out YouTube channel

June - July


Scissors, Paper, Revox

Clocked Out with Peter Knight

New compositions and collaborations, livestreamed from Brisbane and Melbourne, with live video by Greg Harm.

31 July, 6:00 pm a live-streaming event

Piano Three Ways

Solo recital for Monash University Lunchtime concert series

20 August

Wallpaper Music 4 World Premiere

Brisbane Festival

13 September, 7:00 pm

Clocked Out 

at Sydney Sacred Music Festival

20 September, 3 pm

More info here

Lonely Hearts Pandemic Band

Mexican percussion pioneer Evaristo Aguilar takes us on a tour of his fantastic collection of musical instruments, in a new collaboration with Clocked Out. 

9 October 6 pm (AEST)

Watch on YouTube -

Aya Suzuki performs Spill

Musica Impulscentrum voor musiek

24 October 3-11 pm

Down the Rabbit Hole

Featured on the Non-Piano / Toy Piano event

"Cinderella in Streamland"

13 December