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Switch on a dime

16 years ago, Anthony Pateras and I hired two white baby grand pianos and moved them into my plush blue-carpeted studio in Hoddle Street, Melbourne. Every morning after coffee and cigarettes, we would stuff the pianos with screws, bolts, washers, 5 cent pieces, cardboard, and other such implements, and then proceed to hash out complex textural and contrapuntal structures. Half way through our sessions, we were joined by Robin Fox, who brought over a wall full of analogue synths (and laptop), which he used to add alternately maniacal and tastefully subtle electronic interventions.

Until now this music has only been heard by a handful of people, first at a tiny showing in the Bakehouse Studios of Melbourne, and then later as part of the What is Music? Festival at Brisbane Powerhouse.

I am delighted that our recording of this project has finally been released on Anthony’s wonderful “Immediata” imprint on March 8th.

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