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HOLLOWS OUT OF TIME (2018). Prepared Piano and String Quartet.  40:00.

Composed for Camerata String Quartet and the composer.  Commissioned by Bruce and Jocelyn Wolfe for the inagural performance of OurLagavulin, a new venue at Harrigans Lane. Premiered Easter 2018.

84 PIANOS (2017). 84 pianos.  30:00.

Composed for World Science Festival 2017, utilising all the pianos in the Queensland Conservatorium. 

Commissioned by Griffith University for 100 Ways to Listen.

RUNAWAY VARIATIONS (2016).  Piano duo (with auxiliary percussion). 10:00.

Composed for the Viney-Grinberg Piano Duo.


DANNY BOY ADRIFT IN THE RISING TIDE (2016).  Vocalizing pianist. 9:30.

Dedicated to Lisa Moore and our Irish roots.

ALL'S GRIST THAT COMES TO THE MILL (2016). 16 Pianos in a purpose-built tower in the forest.  47:00.

Commissioned by Bruce and Jocelyn Wolfe.  Premiered at The Piano Mill, near Stanthorpe, NSW.

DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE (2015).  Toy Piano.  3:00.

Composed for Stanley Wong's Alice 150 project.  Premiered 14 May 2016 at Hong Kong Sheung Wan Civic Center Theatre.

THE LITTLE TOY PIANO BOOK (2014). Toy Piano.  21:00.

Composed just for fun.



Composed for the Viney-Grinberg Piano Duo with support from Australia Council.  Premiered 27 March 2015 at Campbelltown Arts Centre, NSW.

GOSSAMER WINGS (2013). Toy piano, flute, clarinet, percussion, violin, cello. 10:00.

Composed Margaret Leng Tan with support from the Australia Council for the Arts.  Premiered 5 Oct 2013 at the Festival of Toy Music, Brisbane Powerhouse.

THREE SECRET GARDENS (2011). Toy piano and Saxophone Quartet. 6:00.

Premiered by Continuum Sax & the composer at Queensland Conservatorium, Brisbane, 19 Oct 2011.

FOUR PLACES IN QUEENSLAND (2009). Solo Piano. 63:00.

Composed for Stephen Emmerson, Liam Viney, Kylie Davidson with support from Civitella Ranieri Foundation. Premiered at Queensland Conservatorium, 5 June 2009.


Prepared piano and percussion quartet.  24:00.Commissioned by Conrad Gargett Architecture for Queensland Conservatorium. Premiered at Queensland Conservatorium, 5 October 2007


KICKING UP THE COBWEBS (2006). Pipe organ. 13:00.

Commissioned by Melbourne City Council for the Melbourne Town Hall organ. Premiered at Double Venturi multi-media event, "The Current," 4 June 2006.


OLD MACDONALD'S YELLOW SUBMARINE (2004). Prepared piano, toy piano & percussion / 15:00.

Commissioned by the Australia Council for the Arts for Margaret Leng Tan.

Premiered by Margaret Leng Tan at the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, 13 March 2005.

Released by Mode Records.


TWO SICHUAN FOLKSONGS (2002). Prepared piano. 9:00.

Premiered by the composer at Adelaide Studio 520.  Released by Clocked Out.

THREE LATIN RHYTHMS (2002).  Prepared piano.  9:45.

Premiered by the composer at Rechabite Hall, Melbourne.  Released by Clocked Out.