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All's grist that comes to the mill (2016)

16 Pianos in a purpose-built tower in the forest.  47:00.

Nestled in the forest at Harrigan's Lane, near Stanthorpe, The Piano Mill is a unique architectural feature, an homage to outback Australia, and an outrageous musical instrument all in one.  A square structure cladded in copper, it's designed by architect Bruce Wolfe (director of Conrad Gargett) and purpose-built to house sixteen pianos - eight at ground level and eight on the "mezzanine."  The walls consist of large-scale louvers, which can be opened and shut to alter the Mill's acoustic.


To launch The Piano Mill, composer Erik Griswold created a new concert-length work, exploring the unprecedented sound potential of this new mega-instrument.  Structured in 7 parts, "All's grist that comes to the mill" Incorporates mass sound textures, nature-inspired soundscapes, and  parlour nostalgia. 

Commissioned by Bruce and Jocelyn Wolfe.  Premiered at The Piano Mill, near Stanthorpe, NSW.

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