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Wallpaper Music (2007)

Prepared piano. 3 hours.

In Wallpaper Music, I prepare every note on the piano, in such a way that the instrument is radically “retuned.”  Instead of the normal chromatic scale, all the pitches are reconfigured to a single diatonic resonance (imagine the whole piano resonating in “E major”).  At the same time, the normal “mono-timbre” of the piano is multiplied into a variety of muted, percussive, buzzing, and gong-like colors (with rubber strips, screws, bolts, card and paper).  In performance my approach is to “sound” the instrument, striving to get all the strings resonating at once, using a rapid fire pointillistic improvisation, or creating quick rhythmic clusters blurring together.  Wallpaper Music 1-3 is released by Room40.

“massive and stunning” -


“Cage & Satie are smiling from clouds up above” - Musicbox Archive

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