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Vibrations in a Landscape (2017)

a collaboration of Erik Griswold & Vanessa Tomlinson for 20 percussionists.  30:00.

Vibrations in a landscape is a musical performance, kinetic sculpture, and ephemeral environmental artwork all in one, featuring a team of 20 percussionists performing an organically unfolding choreography of sound and movement.  "Vibrations" is adaptable to various outdoor locations, and is designed to interact with particular environmental, topographical, geographical, botanical and cultural aspects of the sites, in this case, the landscape of Harrigan’s Lane. Using bass drums, cymbals, tam tams, sine waves, an array of metal and wood resonating objects, the 20 performers produce sonic and visual waves across the landscape. "Vibrations in a landscape" builds on earlier works of Griswold and Tomlinson such as “Strings Attached” and “Lavender Mist,”that used ropes to create visual and sonic wave patterns, as well as their ongoing series of environmental “Soundings,” which place live musicians in natural landscapes.  The work was created with generous support from the Australia Council for the Arts.

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