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Trombones in tinnies (2009)

Three trombones in tinnies or canoes. 10:00.

Created for Clocked Out’s environmental music happening Sounding the Condamine, “Trombones in Tinnies” is an open score composition for three trombones in canoes. Performers progress through the music independently, in overlapping textures. The music is intended to interact, blend and create a dialog with the sounds and acoustic of the natural environment.


Part of a larger series of environmental music works, that includes "Sounding Wivenhoe," "Four places in Queensland," and "All's grist that comes to the mill," "Trombones in Tinnies" was composed for the site-specific Sounding the Condamine project, investigating the history of the Condamine Bell.

It was premiered by Ben Marks, Joe Morley, Ashley Carter and local paddlers at Gil Weir, near Condamine, Queensland on 18 April 2009.  Created with support from Arts Queensland.

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