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Time crystals (2012)

Prepared piano & percussion. 48:00.

In February of 2012, Nobel-winning physicist Frank Wilczek posted an article proposing the existence of “time crystals,” perpetually moving structures that repeat periodically in the fourth dimension. In his composition of the same name, Erik Griswold explores perpetual motion, pattern, and crystalline structures in musical form. Using an intricately designed constellation of pianistic sounds, Time Crystals creates a kaleidoscope of shifting sound colours.


"We're taking the idea of crystal shapes, angles and lattice structures that we can visualise and transferring that to sound design," Griswold says. "What's important to me is not duplicating the mathematical structure but trying to capture the idea of the time crystals in sound."

"Time Crystals was a timeless integration of minimalist ideas with contemporary classical performance style, serving to remind us all that, despite any elitist preconceptions, music of a more esoteric nature can be engaging and fun." - Sam Gillies, RealTime issue #113 Feb-March 2013

Premiered by Clocked Out Duo at the Tura 25th Anniversary, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA), 5 Dec 2012.  Released by Innova in 2015.

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