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Three secret gardens (2011)

Toy piano and saxophone quartet. 6:00.

Toy instruments have been part of my musical language since 2000 when Vanessa Tomlinson and I (Clocked Out Duo) created “Felaminikuti,” a light-hearted homage to Afrobeat master Fela Kuti. Since then I’ve created several pieces and done many improvised performances using toy piano, melodica, miniature music boxes, ukuleles, lots of toy percussion, and any number of noisemakers. “Three Secret Gardens” was my first piece that used toy piano with chamber ensemble. In each ‘garden’ I’ve tried to create a very intimate and immediate mood. Marked "jaunty," "mysterious," and "beatific," I imagine three magical, private places. I created “Three Secret Gardens” for an inspiring collaboration with Continuum Sax, who really brought it to life!

Premiered by Erik Griswold and Continuum Sax at Queensland Conservatorium, Brisbane, 19 Oct 2011.  Created with support from Bundanon National Trust and New Music Network.

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