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The forgotten call of the night parrot  (2014)

The Night Parrot is Australia’s most elusive bird. Once presumed extinct, there have been a handful of sightings in recent years (some of dead birds). The Night Parrot is a ground dweller that can fly, but prefers not too. Legend has it that on a 1990 field trip in West Australia, the director of the South Australian Museum stopped by the side of the road to relieve himself, looked down, and realized he was peeing on a decapitated night parrot. He avoided further damage and took the specimen. Very little is known about the bird’s habits, and almost nothing is known about its song, which is reimagined for this piece. 


The Forgotten Call of the Night Parrot was composed for the Viney-Grinberg Piano Duo with support from Australia Council.  The piece was premiered 27 March 2015 at Campbelltown Arts Centre, NSW.

Piano duo.  12:20.

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