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World Architecture Festival

I'm honored to be alongside Bruce Wolfe, presenting

The Piano Mill as a finalist in the category "Completed Buildings - Culture"

28-30 November @ RAI Amsterdam

The University of Arizona Percussion Ensemble

performs "Strings Attached" on their program "Synesthetic Structures"

2 December @ Crowder Hall, UA (Tuscon)


Interlochen Arts Academy Percussion Ensemble

performs "Strings Attached"

9 February, 7:30 pm

@ Inerlochen Arts Academy, Michigan

Modern Music Matinee

OpusNovus performs "Action Music"

10 February, 3 pm

@ Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, Singapore

Boom Vacuum

EG with Jive Canyon & Eugene Carchesio

28 February, 7 pm | $5

@ The Junk Bar

Connecting the Dots

Ensemble Offspring and Hong Kong Sinfonietta premiere Action Music II

3 March, 6 pm

@ ArtisTree, Hong Kong

Comfort Music

Matthew Duvall (eighth blackbird) performs "Spill"

15 March, 7:30

@ Comfort Station, Logan Square, Chicago

From the Air - Meeting points concert series

with Clocked Out, Paddy Mann, Aviva Endean & Peter Knight
17 March, 2 pm | $28
@ Arts Centre Melbourne

Naked Eye Taiwan

concert tour includes "Old MacDonald's Yellow Submarine"

• 19 March @ Tunghai University (Taichung)
• 20 March @ University of Taipei (Taipei)
• 21 March @ Chiao-tung University (Hsinchu)
• 22 March @ National Kaohsiung University (Kaohsiung)
• 23 March @ National Taiwan Normal University (Taipei)

Easter at The Piano Mill
Adventures in music and architecture

Premiere of "Hollows out of time" for prepared piano and string quartet
1 April, 2 - 6 pm | Free

@ a bush property near Stanthorpe-Tenterfield

the essential gesture is the breath
Clocked Out with Jim Denley (Sydney)
20 April, 6 pm
@ Queensland Conservatorium, Ian Hanger Recital Hall | $15
(repeat performance 21 April, 3 pm
@ Lagavulin, near Stanthorpe-Tenterfield | $15)


Boom Vacuum

EG with Jive Canyon & Eugene Carchesio

25 April, 7 pm | $5

@ The Junk Bar


Ensemble Offspring - Australian premiere of

Action Music II

29 April, 3 pm

@ Petersham Bowling Club

Boston Conservatory Percussion Ensemble

plays "Strings Attached"

3 May, 8 pm

@ Boston Conservatory Theater

Child of Tree

Matthew Duvall performs Spill

4 May, 7 pm

@ Merit School of Music, Chicago

Ecuatorial performs "Action Music"

as part of Sound Spectrum 3

9 May, 7:30 pm

@ Spectrum Project Space, Mount Lawley, WA

Queensland Conservatorium New Music Ensemble

directed by EG, performs works by G. Douglas Barrett, Pauline Oliveros, Joyce To, Taana Rose, Mathew Klotz, Liam Campbell, Phoebe Bognar, Erik Griswold.

16 May, 1:05 pm

@ Ian Hanger Recital Hall

beyond this point presents "Spill"

as part of their "nature | human" project

27 May, 10:30 am

@ Comfort Station, Chicago


UTAS Experimental Music Ensemble

plays "Action Music"

29 May, 7:30 pm

@ Conservatorium of Music, University if Tasmania

Boom Vacuum

EG with Jive Canyon & Eugene Carchesio

30 May, 7 pm | $5

@ The Junk Bar

Jennifer Hymer performs works for piano & toy piano

16 June 2018, 7:00 pm

@ St. Nicolaus/Alsterdorf, Hamburg

Terry Longshore plays "Twos and threes"

18 June 2018

@ Interlochen Arts Academy, Interlochen, MI

Boom Vacuum

EG with "the house band"

20 June, 7 pm | $5

@ The Junk Bar

Sonic Dreams performance

Clocked Out with John Ferguson

24 June, 7:30 pm

@ Ecoacoustics Congress, Queensland Conservatorium

Hidden Sounds | Sounds in Motion

Kinetic sound installations

In collaboration with Leah Barclay, John Ferguson, Sulja Nezovic,

Vanessa Tomlinson, and Erkki Veltheim.

24-28 June

@ Ecoacoustics Congress, Queensland Conservatorium

‘ngulalma ngalinda   Because of her we can’

a 3 day arts immersion

5-8 July

@ the 22 mile, south of Mitchell, Queensland

Tam Mallet Trio perform "Nostalgic Strains"

22 July, 5 pm

@ l'eglise de Noyent-d'Allier, Bourges, France

Piano Bloom

Site-specific performance and installation

in collaboration with Jan Baker-Finch, Renata Buziak, Vicki Kelleher, Vanessa Tomlinson.

26-30 July

@ Contexts 8th International Festival of Ephemeral Art, Sokolowsko, Poland


Nozomi Omote & Joyce To perform "Three Latin Rhythms"

in a new arrangment for prepared vibraphone and marimba

10 August, 6 pm

@ Ian Hanger Recital Hall, Queensland Conservatorium

Bloom Collective
Clocked Out joins with mover Jan Baker-Finch, artist Renata Buziak, and poet Vicky Kelleher to present work inspired by collaborations with scientists from Brisbane's EcoScience Precinct, exploring the gullies of Queensland.

13 August, 12 pm (Launch of the Artists in Residence Science exhibition)

@  EcoScience Precinct, Brisbane.

Hidden Sounds | Sounds in Motion

An emerging series of sound sculptures that reveal unheard sounds in the environment, and investigate the kinetic energy of sound. A collaboration of Clocked Out, Leah Barclay, John Ferguson, Sulja Nezovic, and Erkki Veltheim.

Development and showing of new work

17-19 August @ Queensland Conservarotium, National Science Week

Delicious Ironies
Clocked Out with Lindsay Vickery (Perth)
24 August, 6 pm @ Queensland Conservatorium, Ian Hanger Recital Hall | $15

25 August, 3 pm @ Lagavulin, Stanthorpe-Tenterfield | $15

26 August, 3 pm @ Cooroora Institute, Sunshine Coast | $15

New work development

with Margaret Leng Tan

1-6 September

@ Singapore (venue tba)

Hidden Sounds | Sounds in Motion

Sound installations placed throughout the town of Tyalgum.

In collaboration with Leah Barclay, John Ferguson, Sulja Nezovic,

Vanessa Tomlinson, and Erkki Veltheim.

7-9 September

@ Tyalgum Festival

Defying Gravity performs "Strings Attached"

11 September, 1:10 pm

@ Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts

Toy Toy Toy!

A Celebration of Toys in Music

Margaret Leng Tan with re:Sound Collective

14 September

@ Victoria Concert Hall, Singapore

The Listening Museum III
Percussion, sound art, and random musical happenings in a working factory.
21 September, 7 pm
@ Urban Art Projects, 41 Holland St, Northgate (Brisbane) | Free

Margaret Leng Tan

performs "Chooks!" and "Bicycle Lee Hooker" on her program Toy Toy Toy!

30 September, 11 am

@ TransArt Festival, Bolzano, Italy

Matthew Duvall

performs "Spill" on his program Inlets

20 October, 7:30 pm

@ The Ringling Museum, Sarasota FL

Quartet for the end of time (Adam Cadell, Eugene Carchesio, Erik Griswold, Kahl Monticone) performs on Supersonic # 8

21 October, 5:30 pm

@ Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

The Lost Art of Listening with Hilary Kleinig

for prepared piano and iphone choir - development and showing

29-31 October

@ Arts Centre Melbourne

The Viney-Grinberg  Duo

premiere "Runaway Variations" for two pianos with auxiliary percussion

1 November 7:30 pm

@ Australian Piano Duo Festival, Queensland Conservatorium

84 Pianos

for all the pianos at the Queensland Conservatorium

3 November 6 pm

@ Australian Piano Duo Festival, Queensland Conservatorium

Brisbane Berlin
Clocked Out with Cathy Milliken (Berlin)
9 November, 6 pm @ Queensland Conservatorium, Ian Hanger Recital Hall | $15
10 November, 3 pm @ Lagavulin, Stanthorpe-Tenterfield area | $15

Solo piano

Rusted Satellites 10th anniversary party

24 November @ East Brisbane Bowls Club

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